A. Ralph Johnson

THEME: Jesus the Beloved son of God.  

Features his divinity --The Word became flesh

Key words: “Love” (agapē) and “knowledge” (genōskō

Written by the apostle, John about 90 AD

Focused on Jesus’ later ministry. Features his discourses




21ch(6) (brief)

1: Prologue

PROLOGUE – The Word was God which became flesh (1:1-18)



I.    BEGINNING MINISTRY (1:19-2:12)

Bethabara beyond Jordan in the wilderness


John Baptist (19-28)


John acclaims Jesus coming to him (29-34)

Peter & Andrew follow Jesus (35-42)


Philip & Nathaniel follow Jesus (43-51)

2: Cana

Cana of Galilee marriagefirst miracle -- water to wine (1-11) (town)


Capernaum (12 )





       Jerusalem to the Passover (13)


Cleansing temple (14-22)


Passover (23-25)

3: Nicodemus

Nicodemus (1-12)


Aenon—John Baptist purifying (22-25)


Baptism of Jesus (22-36)

4: Samaria

Departure for Galilee he goes through Samaria to Sychar (1-5)


Samaritan Woman at the well. Living water. (6-29, 39-42)


Outside the city: Jesus talks with his disciples (30-38)


Cana of Galilee: He is received by the people (43-45)


Capernaum-- Nobleman's son healed (46-54)




5: Pool

Jerusalem—Jesus at the feast


Healing the man at the Pool of Bethesda on Sabbath (2-15)


Jews challenge Jesus' authority and Jesus answers  (16-47)





Jesus crosses the sea of Galilee and goes up onto a mountain at Passover (1-4)

6: Bread

5,000 fed (5-13)


Jesus refuses to be made king (14-15)


Walk on sea (16-21)


Capernaum (22-24)


Bread of life discourse (25 -65)

Forsaken by the multitudes he speaks with the twelve (66-71)

7: Jerusalem

Jesus remains in Galilee as the Feast of Tabernacles approaches (1-2)


His unbelieving brethren try to get him to go to the feast (3-5)


Jesus tells them to go up to the feast (6-9)


Jesus goes up to secretly to the feast at Jerusalem (10)


The people question, Who is this man? (10-13)


Jesus goes into the temple and teaches  (14)


The source of Jesus’ teaching (15-24)


The people wonder if he is the Christ (25-27)


Jesus Cries out that he is sent by the father (28-29)


Pharisees and Priests try to take him but many of the people believe (30-32)


Where he is going they cannot come. They are puzzled (33-36)


The last day of the feast Jesus offers Rivers of living water (37-39)


The people are divide concerning him (40-44)


The council struggles with the problem (45-49)


Nicodemus speaks (50-53)


Jesus goes to the Mount of Olives and returns to the temple in the morning (1-2)

8: Challenged

Woman in adultery accused by the scribes and Pharisees (3-11)


Jesus, the Light of the world (12)


The Pharisees challenge his credentials (13)


In the treasury, Jesus credentials affirmed—the Father bears record (14-20)


Jesus again declares that where he is going they cannot come (21)


The Jews question and Jesus explains why --they are from beneath (22-29)


Bondage versus true freedom (30-36)


Sons of Abraham or sons of the devil? (37-50)


Before Abraham, I am (51-59)

9: Blind

Man born blind healed with clay on eyes on Sabbath (1-9)


Questioning the man and his parents (10-33)


He is cast out (34-41)

10: Shepherd

Jesus, the good shepherd, contrasted with others (1-18)


Division among the Jews over him (19-21)


Jesus on Solomon’s porch at Feast of Dedication (22-23)


The Jews dispute with him and accuse him of blasphemy (24-39)


Beyond Jordan (40)

11: Lazarus



Lazarus, brother of Mary & Martha, raised from the dead (1-45)


The Jewish Council meets and Caiaphas advises to leave him alone  (46-53)


Jesus goes to the town of Ephraim (54)


Passover at hand (55-57)



V.   CLOSING MINISTRY (chap. 12:1—18:11)


Anointing at Mary & Martha's in Bethany (1-11)

12: Jerusalem

Triumphal entry into Jerusalem (12-19)


Last public discourse


The Hour is come (23-26)


Voice from heaven assuring Jesus’ glorification (27-30)


The son of man must be lifted up (31-36)


The people don’t believe but secretly some rulers believe (37-43)


Jesus’ challenge to believe  (44-50)

13: Supper

Passover Supper And Farewell Discourse


Jesus washes the disciples feet (1-20)


Who would betray him--Sop given to Judas and he goes out (21-30)


Disciples urged to love one-another  (31-35)


Peter’s denial predicted (36-38)

14: Comforter

Jesus going away and would come back for them (1-4)

Thomas questions about where he is going—Jesus says, to the father (5-7)


Philip asks to see the Father – Jesus says, I and the Father are one (8-11)


Assurance, You will do even greater works (12-14)


Be faithful. I will send the Helper—The Holy Spirit (15-26)


My peace I leave with you” "I will come again." (27-31)

15: Vine

Bear fruit (1-9)


Love one another and God (10-17)


Hatred from the world (18-25


Helper to come (26-27)

16: Comforter

Persecution to come (1-6)


Comforter coming (7-15)


A little while (16-24)


Dark sayings to end (25-33)

17: Prayer

Prayer for his disciples


That the son might be glorified (1-14)

That his disciples be Kept from the evil one (15-16)

That they might be sanctified in the truth (17-20)

That they might be one that the world might believe  (21-26)

18: Betrayal

Garden Of Gethsemane


Betrayal and capture (1-11)





Before Annas (12-23)


Before Caiaphas (24-27)


Peter’s denial (25-27)


Before Pilate in the Praetorium (28-40)

19: Crucified

Continued (1-18)


Crucified on Galgotha (16-30)


Burial in Joseph of Arimathaea’s tomb (31-42)




20: Resurrected

Empty tomb (1-10)


Appearance to Mary Magdalene at the tomb (11-18)


Appearance in the house to the disciples at evening in Jerusalem (19-23)


Appearance to the disciples and Thomas (24-30)


Signs are written for belief (30-31)

21: Fishing

Jesus appears on shore of the Sea of Tiberius (Sea of Galilee) (1-14)


Peter admonished: Feed my sheep (15-17)


Peter’s manner of death foretold (18-23)


What about John? "What is that to theeFollow me" (18-23)