A Ralph Johnson


NEGEB  (“South Country”) --southwest of Canaan. Map

        Gerar.  Land of the Philistines.  (Gen. 21)

                Isaac born to Sarah (Age 90) and Abraham (Age 100)

                Ishmael and his mother, Hagar, cast out.

        Beersheba   (Gen. 21:31)

Journey to Mt. Moriah (temple site in Jerusalem.  --2Chron. 3:1) to be offered by Abraham as a sacrifice.  God provides a ram substitute. (Gen. 22:1-18)

                Return to Beersheba. (Gen. 22:19)



Hebron (Kiriath-arba) ( Gen. 23)

Sarah (age 127) dies and is buried in the cave of Machpelah.

Abraham sends to Haran for Isaac a wife from his kinsmen. (Gen. 24)



Beerlahairoi (Lahairoi), the well where Hagar stopped on her first flight. (Gen. 24:61-67)

Isaac (about age 40) meets Rebekah (Granddaughter of Nahor, Abraham’s brother) being brought from Haran by Abraham’s servant.

Isaac and Rebekah are married.  (Gen. 25)

When Isaac was 60, Rebekah conceived twins.  The first was Esau (“Hairy”), followed by Jacob (“The Supplanter”), grasping his heel.

Esau became a hunter and won his father’s heart with his venison, while Jacob “was a plain man dwelling in tents” and was favored by Rebekah.

Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for some bread, Lentils and red pottage and thus was afterwards called “Edom” (“Red”)

Gerar (Gen. 26).  He moved there because of a famine.

God tells him not to go into Egypt.

Like Abraham had, Isaac represents Rebekah as his “sister.”  Abimelech, the Philistine king discovers the truth and reproves him, making a law to protect Rebekah.

Isaac increases in substance and the Philistines envy him.

He moves to the valley of Gerar and re-digs the wells of Abraham which have been filled by the Philistines.  When they claim them he digs others.

        Rehoboth.  He digs a well which the Philistines do not claim.

        Beersheba   (Gen. 26:23-35)

The Lord appears and reassures him.  He builds an Altar.

Another well is dug.

Abimelech makes a covenant with him.

Jacob and Rebekah deceive Isaac with Esau’s Clothes, some goat meat and hairy coverings for Jacob’s skin, in order to get the blessing. (Gen. 27)



Hebron (Also called “Mamre” or “Arbah”).  (Gen 35:27)

Jacob returns after many years.

At 180 years of age, Isaac dies and is buried beside Rebekah in the cave of Machpelah.