A Ralph Johnson


I.         THE NEGEB (“South Country”) South of Canaan. Map


Beerlahairoi (Lahairoi), the well where Hagar stopped. (Gen. 24:61-67)

Jacob & Esau, twins of Isaac (age 60) and Rebekah. 

Esau born first with Jacob (“Supplanter”) grasping his heel. (Gen. 25:19-26)

Esau became a hunter and won his father, Isaac’s, heart with venison. 

Jacob “a plain man dwelling in tents” was favored by his mother, Rebekah. (25:27,28)


Gerar. (Gen. 26:)  Family moved there because of famine.  They were resented by Philistines.


Rehoboth.   They move there and dig a well. (Gen. 26:22)


Beersheba .  (Gen. 26:23-35)  Another well is dug and peace is made with Philistine king.

Jacob and Rebekah deceive Isaac with Esau’s clothes, some goat meat and hairy coverings on Jacob’s skin, in order to get the blessing. (Gen. 27)

Jacob flees towards Haran to avoid being killed by Esau.


II.       HARAN (Gen. 29)

Seven years Labor for Laban, his mother’s brother, to get Laban’s younger daughter, Rachel, as wife. 

Laban deceives him and gives Rachel’s older sister, Leah, instead.

Jacob is given Rachel a week later upon agreement to work 7 more years.

Leah bears Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah.

Rachel has Jacob beget Dan and Naphtali by her servant, Bilhah. (Gen. 30)

Leah has him beget Gad and Asher by her servant Zilpah.

Leah bears Issachar, Zebulun and a daughter, Dinah.

Rachel bears Joseph. (Gen. 30:24) 

Laban agrees to give Jacob the speckled and spotted animals.  

Jacob places rods with peeled strips before the strongest and they bear for him. (Gen. 30)

Jacob secretly leaves for Canaan. (Gen. 31)




Mizpah (or Gilead)  Gen. 31. Laban overtakes Jacob. (31:23)  Warned of God not to harm Jacob.  Makes covenant.


Mahanaim (Gen. 32)

Angels meet Jacob. (Gen. 32:1)

Jacob fears meeting Esau; divides his servants and flocks into two companies.  He sends a series of gifts to appease his brother.


Peniel (Gen. 32:30)

Jacob wrestles with angel.  Name changed to “Israel.” (“one who strives with God”)

He is lamed by the angel.

Esau meets him and they are reconciled. (Gen. 33)


Succoth (“Booths”)  Jacob built a house, and booths for his flocks. (Gen. 33)




Sheckem.  Dinah molested.  Simeon and Levi treacherously kill Sheckemites. (Gen. 34)

God commands them to move to Bethel, and Jacob gets rid of foreign gods.


Bethel (or Luz) Gen. 35

Jacob builds alter.  God appears and confirms covenant and change of his name to "Israel."

He sets up a pillar of stone in remembrance.


Bethlehem (or Ephrath)  Rachel dies giving birth to Benjamin. (Gen. 35:19)


Hebron (Arabah or Mamre) (Gen. 35:27)

Jacob meets his father, Isaac. 

Isaac dies (age 180) and is buried in Machpelleh. (Gen 35:29)

Joseph sold into Egypt by jealous brothers.  (Gen. 37) 

Joseph becomes a ruler in Egypt.


V.      DESCENT INTO EGYPT (Gen. 46)  Age 130 (47:9)


Beersheba.  Jacob offers sacrifice.  God promises his body to be returned to Machpelleh.


Goshen.  Israelites not permitted to live in Egypt proper so given rich land outside.

Jacob reunited with Joseph and blesses Pharaoh. (Gen. 47)

Before his death, Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. (Gen. 48)

He dies at age 147.  17 years after entering Egypt (28:28)


VI.    JACOB’S  BODY RETURNED TO CAVE OF MACHPELLEH in Canaan (in Hebron) where Leah was buried. (Gen. 50)