A Ralph Johnson


Theme: Numbering of Israel at the beginning and end of their wilderness wanderings.

By Moses, about 1400 BC




36ch(4) (brief)


I.         SINAI  (chap. 1—9)

1: Census

  1. First Census (chap. 1)

2: Camp

  1. Tribes organized around the tabernacle (chap. 2)

East: Judah, Issachar, Zebulun (3-9)

South: Reuben, Simeon, Gad (10-16)

West: Ephraim, Manasseh, Benjamin (18-24)

North: Dan, Asher, Naphtali (25-31)

3: Levites

  1. Levites positioned around close to the tabernacle and numbered (chap. 3)

Levites placed under authority of Aaron (1-13)

Levites commanded to be numbered (14-20)

Gershonites camp on the west side, and numbered (21-26)

     Responsible transporting the tabernacle coverings.

Kohathites camp on the south side and numbered (27-32)

     Responsible for transporting the Ark, table, altars, vessels and screen.

Merarites camp on the north side and numbered (33-37)

     Responsible for transporting the boards, pillars and sockets.

Moses and Aaron’s families camp on the east side (38-43)

Levites serve in place of the first-born. (44 -51)

4: Tabernacle

  1. Priests oversight of the movement of the tabernacle (4:1-33)

Kohathites to handle furniture and altars. (1-20)

Gershonites move coverings and court (21-28)

Merarites move structures and court (29-33)

E.       Numbering the Levites (4:34-49)

Kohathites (34-37)

Gershonites (38-41)

Merarites (42-45)

Summary of Levites (46-49)

5: Jealousy

F.       Separation of those with infectious diseases (5:1-4)

G.       Disposition of trespass charges (5:5-10)

H.      Law of Jealousy  (5:11-31)

6: Nazarite

I.         Law of the Nazarite (chap. 6)

7: Altar

J.       Dedication of the altar (chap. 7)

Offerings of wagons and oxen apportioned out to the Levites (1-9)

Oblation of Nahshon for the Tribe of Judah (12-17)

Oblation of Nathanael, for Issachar (18-23)

Oblation of Eliab for Zebulun (24 -29)

Oblation of Elizur for Reuben (30-35)

Oblation of Shelumiel for Simeon (36-41)

Oblation of Eliasaph for Gad (42-47)

Oblation of Elishama for Ephraim (48-53)

Oblation of Gamaliel for Manasseh (54-59)

Oblation of Abidan for Benjamin (60-65)

Oblation of Ahiezer for Dan (66-71)

Oblation of Pagiel for Asher (72-77)

Oblation of Ahira for Naphtali (78-83)

Summary of articles involved in the dedication (84-88)

Jehovah speaks to Moses from the mercy-seat (89)

8: Levites

K.      Sanctuary lamps (8:1-4)

L.       Levites consecrated (8:5-26)

9: Passover

M.     Passover (9:1-5)

N.      Unclean may delay a month to hold Passover (9:6-14)

O.      Cloud and fire over the tabernacle to guide (9:15-23)



II.       SINAI TO KADESH BARNEA (chap. 10—19)

10: Trumpets

A.      Leaving Mount Sinai (chap. 10)

Two silver trumpets to signal services and movement (1-10)

Breaking camp in three stages  (11-28)

Hobab, son of Moses’ father-in-law invited to go along. (29-32)

The Journey covers three days to the Wilderness of Paran (33-36)

11: Murmurers

B.       Taberah: fire burned because they murmured (11:1-3)

C.       Kibroth-Hattaavah: Lusting for foods of  Egypt “Nothing but Manna” (11:4-9)

Moses discouraged (10-15)

Seventy Elders inspired to deal with problem (16-25)

Medad and Eldad prophesy (26-30)

Quails from the sea.  God smites the people for complaining (31-34)

D.      Hazeroth (11:35)

12: Miriam

Miriam leprous for her and Aaron speaking against Moses (12:1-15)

E.       Kadesh in Wilderness of Paran (12:16)

13: Spies

1.    Spies sent to check out the land of Canaan (13:1-30)

Ten bring back an evil report (13:31-33)

14: Rebellion

People rebel against entering the land (14:1-10)

Jehovah is ready to destroy them (10-12)

Moses intercedes (13-19)

Jehovah decrees they will stay in the wilderness 40 years (20-35)

Those who brought the false report died (36-38)

The people change their mind but are beaten back by the Amalakites (39-45)

15: Offerings

2.    Offerings to be made in the Promised Land (15:1-31)

3.     Man Picking up sticks on the Sabbath stoned (15:32-36)

4.     Fringe on their garments to remind them (15:37-41)

16: Rebellion

5.     Rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram (chap. 16--17)

Challenge authority of Moses and Aaron (1-3)

Moses confronts Korah (4-11)

Dathan and Abiram defiance (12-14)

Moses angry (15)

Moses orders Korah and his 250 followers to a showdown (16-17)

Korah and His followers present themselves (18-19)

Jehovah tells Moses and Aaron to get out of the way so He can destroy the whole congregation (20-21)

Moses and Aaron plead for the people (22 )

Jehovah commands Moses to get the congregation back (23-24)

Moses warns the people to get away from the rebels (25-26)

People heed the warning (27)

Dathan and Abiram come to the door of their tents (27)

Moses warns that the earth will swallow them (28-30)

They are swallowed and fire devours their 250 followers (31-35)

Eleazar commanded to salvage their censers (36-38)

Censors beaten into plates to cover the altar (39-40)

Next day the people complain Moses has killed the people (41-43)

Moses has Aaron offer incense to stop the plague (44-50)

17: Aaron

Aaron’s staff Buds and almonds show his authority (1-11)

Complaints:  Coming to the Tabernacle means death (12-13)

18: Duties

6.    Duties and provision for Aaron and his family as priest (chap. 18—19)

Priests have charge over the Tabernacle (1-7)

Priests are to live of the offerings of the tabernacle. (8-20)

Tithes of the people belong to Levites (24)

Levites tithe to the priests (25-32)

19: Water

7.    Water for purification (chap. 19)

Made with ashes of a red heifer (1-10)

Purification of one who touches a dead body (11-13)

Purification of all who enter a tent of the dead (14-22)



III.    KADESH TO JORDAN (chap. 20—21)

20: Meribah

A.      Desert of Zin -- Miriam dies (1)

B.      Meribah (20:2-21)

People complain of no water (2-5)

Moses and Aaron appeal to Jehovah God (6)

Jehovah tells them to speak to the rock (7-9)

Moses and Aaron sin by not sanctifying Jehovah in their eyes (10-13)

Edom refuses safe passage through their country (14-21)

C.      Mount Hor (20:22)

Aaron dies (20:23-29)

21: Serpent

D.      Hormah (21:1-3)

King Arad of the Canaanites destroyed (1-3)

E.       Going around Edom (Down the Arabah to Red Sea) (21:4-9)

Complaints about bread and water (4-5)

Fiery serpents.  Saved by looking to the brazen serpent. (6-9)

F.       Oboth (21:10)

G.      Ijeabarim in the wilderness before Moab (21:11)

H.      Valley of Zered (21:12)

I.         Arnon by the Amorites (21:13-15)

J.       Beer, where they had previously dug a well (21:16-18)

K.      Mattanah (21:18)

L.       Nathaliel (21:19)

M.     Bamoth (21:19)

N.      Mount Pisgah (21:20)

O.      Land of Amorites captured (21:21-35)

Sihon, Amorite king, defeated and Heshbon taken (21-31)

Jazer, city of the Amorites, destroyed (32)

Og, king of Bashan, defeated (33-35)




  22: Balak

A.   Balak, King of Moab, calls Balaam, prophet of Midian, to curse Israel (5)

23: Balaam

Balaam blesses Israel twice (1)   

24: Balaam

Balaam blesses Israel two more times (1)

25: Fornication

B.   Shitim –Corruption with the Moabites (1)

Fornication and idolatry (1-5)

Phinehas stops a plague by killing the Midianitish woman and an Israelite man involved with her (6-18)

26: Census

 C.    Second Census: People numbered again (chap. 26)

27: Joshua

Inheritance of daughters of Zelophehad (1-11)

Moses sent to the top of the mountain to see the land of promise (12-14)

Joshua chosen to succeed Moses (15-23)

28: Sacrifice

D.   Laws concerning sacrifices and Holy days.

-Daily:  Morning and evening (1-8)

-Sabbath (9-10)

-Monthly (11 -15)

-Passover (16-25)

-Firstfruits (Pentecost) (26-31)

29: Trumpets

-Feast of Trumpets (Tabernacles)

First day of the month, holy convocation (1-6)

Tenth day of the month, holy convocation (7-11)

Fifteenth day of the month, 7 days of holy convocation (12-40)

30: Vows

E.   Laws concerning vows 1

31: Midianites

F.   Midian struggle

Midianites defeated. Death of Balaam.  People save captives and spoil. (1-12)

Moses angry for saving captives (12-20)

Cleansing the spoils (21-24)

Spoils shared with the priests (25-31)

Accounting and distribution of the spoils (32-54)

32: Inheritance

G.   Inheritances east of Jordan allotted

Reuben and Gad request the land east of Jordan (1-5)

Moses challenges their loyalty to complete the conquest (6-15)

They agree (16-19)

Moses accepts (20-27)

They swear allegiance before the priests (25-32)

The area given to Reuben, Gad and Manasseh (33-42)

33: Journeys

H.   Summarizing the journeys (1-49)

Charge to drive out the heathen (50-56)

34: Inheritance

        I.    Boundaries of other tribes allotted (34:1)

35: Cities

Cities of the Levites designated (48 cities, 6 for refuge) (35:1)

Rules of refuge for those who kill (14)

36: Zelophehad

Zelophehad’s daughters’ inheritance secured (36:1)