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Born in Goshen. Descendent of Levi. Father: Amram. Mother: Jochebed (Ex. 6:20)

Saved from being drowned as an infant by his mother hiding him three months and then placing him in a basket among the rushes of the Nile for Pharaoh’s daughter to find.  Miriam, his sister, hid and watched.  She then suggested her mother to be his nurse.

Reared in the house of Pharaoh.

When 40 years old he killed an Egyptian for being cruel to an Israelite.  When he learned that rumor of this had spread he fled into Midian on Sinai Peninsula (Ex. 2:15).




Protected Jethro’s (Reuel) seven daughters from shepherds at a well.  Jethro was a priest in Midian.

Married Zipporah, Jethro’s daughter.  Eliezer & Gershom born. (Ex. 18:3, 4)

Called to service by God at the burning bush. (Ex. 3:1-12)

Zipporah circumcises her son to prevent God from killing him (Ex. 4:24--)

He left Zipporah and went to Egypt with his brother Aaron (Ex. 4:27, 28.)




A.    Egypt to the Red Sea.


Moses does signs for the people to confirm his authority (Ex. 4:30.  cf. Ex. 1-9)

People’s burdens increased by Pharaoh (Ex. 5:1-23)

Signs performed for Pharaoh.  First three imitated (Ex. 7:10--13:--)

Moses’ Rod turned to a serpent, swallows others; Ten plagues; Passover.

Leaving Ramses (Num. 33:5), probably early April (Ex. 12:37)

Flight from Succoth. (Ex. 12:37; Num. 33:5; Ex. 13:17-20)

Etham, edge of wilderness, pillar of cloud and fire (Ex. 13:20-22; Num. 33:6)

Pihahiroth, between Migdol and the sea, before Baal-zephon (Ex. 14:2; Num. 33:7)

Crossing the Red Sea (Ex. 14:10--15:1-4-21; Num. 33:8)


B.    Red Sea to Mount Sinai


Desert of Etham (Num. 33:8), also called Shur (Ex. 15:22).

Marah (Bitter waters healed), third day in wilderness (Ex. 15:23-26; Num. 33:8)

Elim  --Twelve springs and 70 palm trees.  (Ex. 15:27; Num. 33:9)

Red Sea (Num. 33:10)

Desert of Sin --Manna and quails.  (Ex. 16; Num. 33:11)

Dophkah (Num. 33:12)

Alush (Num. 33:13)

Rephidim. (Num. 33.14; Ex. 17:1)  --Called Massah and Meribah (Ex. 17:7).

Water from the rock

Amalek defeated while Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ hands (Ex. 18:1-27)

Jethro brings Moses’ family.  Advises helpers for Moses.  Departs.

Sinai (Horeb).  Arrived in third month (19:1; Num. 33:15)

Law given on the mount over 40 days.  Ten Commandments (Ex. 19--31; Deut. 5:9)

Idolatry --golden calf worshipped with music & dancing (Ex. 32; Deut. 9:

Second tables over 40 days prepared (Ex. 34:, Deut. 10)

Tabernacle constructed (Ex. 35, 40)

Death of Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu.  Replaced by Eleazar and Ithmar (Lev. 10)

Many laws placed in the book.  (See Leviticus.)


C.    Mount Sinai to Kadeshbarnea


Taberah --fire burned people who murmured (Num. 11:1-3; Deut. 9:22)

Kibroth-hattaavah --Lusting for flesh--quails (Num. 11:4-34; 33:16; Deut. 9:22)  --one month plague (Num. 11:20).

Hazeroth --Miriam’s leprosy for criticizing Moses for his Cushite wife to Aaron.  She is restored (Num. 11:35; 12; 33:17)

Mount of the Amorites (Deut. (1:19).

Kadesh-Barnea --Wilderness of Paran or Zin (Num. 12:16; Deut. 1:19; Num. 13:26).

Twelve spies sent out from Zin to Rehob, Hamath, Hebron, Ahiram, Sheshai, and Talmai, Valley of Eshcol for 40 days (Num. 13)

People Refuse to enter Canaan.  40 years wandering and death decreed for those 20 yrs.

Attempt to enter defeated to Hormah (Num. 14; Deut. 1:44)


D.    Kadeshbarnea to Mount Hor.


Rithmah (Num. 33:18)

Rimmon-Perz --place of Korah’s rebellion (Num. 33:19.  cf. Num. 16)

Libnah (Num. 33:20)

Rissah (Num. 33:21)

Kehelathah (33:21)

Mount Shaphir (33:23)

Haradah (Num. 33:24)

Makheloth (33:25)

Tahath (Num. 33:26)

Terah (33:27)

Mithkah (33:28)

Hashmonah (Num. 33:29)

Moseroth  --Mount Hor (Num. 33:30)


E.     Mount Hor to Ezion-geber


Bene-Jaakan (Num. 33:31)

Hor-hagidgad (num. 33:32)

Jotbathah (Num. 33:33)

Ebronah (Num. 33:34)

Ezion-geber (Num. 33:35)


F.     Ezion-geber to Kadesh-Barnea  --Wilderness of Zin or Paran (Num. 20:1; 33:36)


(Miriam dies.  Water from the rock.  Moses and Aaron sin.  Edom refuses passage.)


G.    Kadesh-Barnea to Elath


Bene-Jaakan --in the Arabah (Deut. 10:6)

Meribah -Mount Hor (Num. 20:24)

        The Canaanite king of Arad is defeated at Hormah (Num. 21:3)

Gudgodah  (Deut. 10:7)

Jotbathah (Deut. 10:7)

Ezion-geber at Gulf of Akaba (Num. 21:4; Deut. 2:8).  Murmurers killed by serpent.

Elath (Akaba) (Deut. 2:8)


H.    Elath to Jordan.


Zalmonah (Num. 33:41)

Punon (Num. 33:42)

Oboth (Num. 21:10: 33:43)

Iyeabarim (Num. 21:11; 33:44 (near Moab)

Zered (brook)   (Num. 21:12; Deut. 2:13)

Aaron (river valley) (Num. 21:13; Deut. 2:24)

Dibon-gad (Num. 33:45)

Almon-diblathaim (Num. 33:46)

Beer (Num. 21:16)

Mattanah (Num. 21:18)

Nahaliel (Num. 21:18)

Bamoth (Num. 21:19)

Abarim, Nebo, or Pisgah --mountain (Num. 21:20; 33:47)

At Jahaz, Sihon, king of Amorites defeated (Num. 21:33-35; Deut. 2:26--)

At Edrei, Og, king of Amorites of Bashan defeated (Deut. 3:1-3)

Plain of Moab --Jordan (Num. 22:1; 33:48)

Balaam’s prophecy (Num. 22, 23, 24. 

Iniquity of Israel with Moabite women.

Plague (Num. 25). 

Allotment to tribes of Reuben and Gad and half tribe of Manasseh (Num. 32). 

Repetition of the Law and recounting the journeys which becomes the record of Deuteronomy. 

Moses dies on the heights of Nebo after viewing the Promised Land (Deut. 34)

Canaan, west, across Jordan River near Jericho. (See Joshua)