A Ralph Johnson

Theme: Reign of Solomon and division of the kingdom

* Note: (I)=Israel; (J)=Judah; (S)=Syria;   s = “son” of previous king; y = “years”




22ch(2) (Brief)


I.    REIGN OF SOLOMON (chap. 1—11)


       A. Established as king (chap. 1—2)

1: Conspiracy

    David old age. Abishag chosen to warm him. (1:1-4)


    Adonijah’s conspiracy to become king helped by Joab & Abiathar the priest (1:5-10)


    Nathan and Zadoc help Solomon overthrow conspiracy (1:11-53)

2: Consolidation

    David’s charge to Solomon. (chap. 2)


David dies. (10)


     Adonijah seeks Abishag and is executed. (2:13-25)


     Abiathar removed from priesthood.  (2:26-27)


     Joab executed at the altar.  (2:28-35)


     Shemei restricted to Jerusalem. He departs and is executed. (2:36-46)


B. Greater Reign of Solomon (chap. 3—10: 2 Chron. 8:1-18)

3: Wisdom

     Solomon brings Pharaoh’s daughter to Jerusalem. (3:1; 2Ch. 8:11)


     Solomon’s wisdom given in a dream. (3:5-15; 2Ch. 7:7-22)


          Child to be divided between two harlots. (3:16-28)

4: Wealth

     Officers of Solomon. (4:1-19)


     Wealth of Solomon. (4:22-28; 2Ch. 9:13-28)


     Wisdom of Solomon. (4:29-34)

5: Preparation

Hiram, king of Tyre and Solomon’s men prepare to build the temple. (chap. 5)

6: Temple

Temple built in seven years. (chap. 6)

7: Furnishings

Solomon builds his house and one for Pharaoh’s daughter. (7:1-12)


Hiram cast the pillars, 10,000 gallon “molten sea” and ten wheeled stands for bowls, and other items for the temple. (7:13-47)


Solomon made golden inner furnishings for the temple (7:48-51; 2Chron. 4)

8: Dedication

Ark brought to the temple (1Kings 8:1-21; 2Ch. 5:2--6:11

Dedication of the temple. (8:22-66; 2Ch. 6:12--7:10)

Solomon's prayer (22-53)

9: Covenant

Covenant of Jehovah with Solomon. (9:1-9)


Hiram displeased with cities given by Solomon. (9:11-14)


Levy of Solomon explained. (9:15-23; 2Chron. 8:7)


Pharaoh’s daughter goes to her house. (9:24)


Burnt offerings. (9:25; 2Chron. 8:12)


Navy bringing gold from Ophir. (9:26-28)

10: Sheba

Queen of Sheba marvels at Solomon’s wisdom. (10:1-10; 2Ch. 9:1-12)


Wealth of Solomon. (10:11-29; 2Ch. 9:13-28)

11: Wives

C.   Declining reign of Solomon (chap. 11)


Solomon’s pagan wives corrupt him. (11:1-13)


Adversaries: Hadad, Rezon & Jeroboam (11:14-28)


Ahijah prophesies Jeroboam to receive ten tribes. (11:29-39)


Jeroboam flees to Egypt. Protected by king Shishak. (11:40)


Solomon dies. (11:40-43; 2Ch. 9:29-31)



II. DIVIDED KINGDOM (chap. 12—22)


A. Division of the kingdom (chap. 12—14)

12: Rehoboam (J)

     REHOBOAM of Judah, son of Solomon (17 years in Jerusalem) Folly (12:1-15; 2Ch. 10:1—12:15)


     JEROBOAM of Israel (22y) Becomes king of ten tribes in north (12:19-21)


  Shemaiah’s warning to Rehoboam not to fight Israel. (22-24)


  Jeroboam makes calf-god altars at Dan and Beth-el. (25-33)

13: Prophet

  Young prophet from Judah warns that Josiah will burn the priests upon their altar.  (1-2)


  Altar split as a sign. (4-5)


  The young prophet deceived, killed by a lion. (15-32)


  Jeroboam returns to his evil way. (33-34)

14: Curse

  Jeroboam (king of Israel) sends his wife to the prophet, Ahijah in disguise concerning his sick son, Abijah. (1-4)


  Curse on Jeroboam for introducing idolatry. (5-18)


  Jeroboam (of Israel) dies (19-20)


  Sins of Judah. (21-24)


  Shishak of Egypt removes gold of temple. (25-28)


  War between Israel and Judah. Death of Rehoboam. (29-31)


        B.  Reigns of three kings in Judah (15:1-24)

15: Kings

ABIJA of Judah (s) (3y) Walked after sins of Rehoboam (J). (15:1-8; 2Ch. 13:1-14:1)


 ASA of Judah (s) (41years) Good.  Removed idolatrous queen mother. (8-33; 2Ch. 14:2-15)


          BEN-HADAD of Syria, helped stop Basha (I) building Ramah. (17-21)


      JEHOSHAPHAT of Judah (s) (25y) becomes king. (15:24; 22:1-51)


        C. Reigns of 5 kings in Israel (15:25—16:28)


NADAB of Israel (s) (2y) Evil like father, Jeroboam. (14:19; 15:25-28, 31)


      BAASHA of Israel (24years) Killed Nadab. Became King. (15:17-27-34)

16. Israel

     Baasha’s death (16:1-7)


      ELAH of Israel (s) (2y) Killed by Zimri (I) while drunk. (16:6-8-14)


      ZIMRI of Israel (7days) Smote house of Baasha. Burned self. (16:11-20)


      OMRI of Israel (12years) Made king by people.  Evil. Built Samaria. (16:16-28)


         D. Reign of Ahab in Israel


      AHAB of Israel (s) (22y) Married Jezebel, daughter of King of Sidon. (16:28-33)


Hiel the Bethelite rebuilt Jericho with the loss of his sons (16:34; cf. Josh. 6:26)

17: Drought

Elijah prophesies a drought. (17:1)


Ravens feed Elijah by Book of Cherith. (17:2-7)


Widow’s meal & oil. Son revived.(17:8-24)

18: Carmel

Elijah meets Obadiah, who had saved 100 prophets of Jehovah and he brings Ahab. (18:1-18)


Contest with 400 prophets of Bail on Mt. Carmel. (18:19-40)


Elijah prays for rain and it comes. (18:42-46)

19: Flight

Elijah flees from Jezebel for his life. (19:1-3)


Food under a Juniper.  (19:4-8)


Cave in Horeb.  Wind, Earthquake, fire, voice. (19:9-18)


Sent to Damascus and Israel. (19:15-19)


Finds Elisha.  Oxen killed and given away.  (19:19-21)

20: Ben-Hadad

      BEN-HADAD of Syria demands tribute from Israel. (20:1-12)


Prophet tells Ahab of Israel the Syrians will be defeated. (20:13-14)


Drunken Ben-hadad of Syria defeated. (20:19-21)


Prophet warns preparation for next conflict. (20:22)


Syrians again defeated. (20:23-29)


King Ben-hadad of Syria spared. (20:32-34)


Prophet has self wounded as warning of the error.  (20:35-43)

21: Vineyard

Jezebel has Naboth killed to get his vineyard. (21:1-14)


Ahab takes Naboth’s vineyard. (21:16-16)


Elijah warns Ahab of Israel. He repents. Spared. (21:17-29)

22: Micaiah

         E.  Reign of Jehoshaphat in Judah (22:1-50)


        JEHOSHAPHAT of Judah (25y) & Ahab of Israel plan to attack Syria. (22:1-4)


        They consult the false-prophets who agree. (22:6-12)


Micaiah warns of Lying spirit in mouth of prophets. (22:13-28; 2Ch. 18:1-27)


        Jehoshaphat of Judah (25yrs) & Ahab of Israel against Syrians at Ramoth-gilead. (29)


 Ahab’s disguise fails. Arrow in armor joint. Dogs licked up his blood. (22:30-40; 2Ch. 18:29—19:3)


 Jehoshaphat of Judah (25y) reigns (22:41-50)


          F.  Reign of AHAZIAH, son of Ahab in Israel (22:51-53)