A Ralph Johnson


Theme: Decline And Captivity Of Israel And Judah

 (I) = Israel. (J) = Judah. (S) = Syria. (A) = Assyria. (B) = Babylon. (E) = Egypt. -s = son. -d = daughter. y = years.




25ch(4) (brief)





A. Elijah’s Concluding Ministry (1:1—2:12)

1: Elijah

Moab rebels against Judah.(1:1)


  AHAZIAH, king of Israel, son of Ahab (1:2-18)


Fell through lattice.  Consults Baal-zebub. (1:2)


Elijah warns he will die. (1:4)


Sends soldiers three times. (9)


Two troops consumed by fire. Third troop spared.  (13)


He dies. (1:17)


   JEHORAM (Joram see 8:16, 25) of Israel, son of Ahab, (12y) (1:17-18)

2: Elisha

        Elijah taken up (2:1-12)


Elijah divides Jordan River . (2:8)


Elisha requests double portion of Elijah’s spirit.  (9-10)


Elijah taken up in whirlwind and chariot of fire. (11-12)


B. Elisha’s Ministry (2:13-13:21)


Elisha takes up Elijah’s mantel (13)


Elisha divides Jordan. (14)


Sons of the prophets search three days for Elijah. (15-18)


Elisha purifies water at Jericho. (19-22)


Bears kill mockers of Elisha. (23-25)

3: Moab

JEHORAM (Joram -see 8:16, 25) of Israel, son of Ahab (3:1-3)


League made between JEHORAM (I), JEHOSHAPHAT (J) and king of Edom to stop rebellion of MESHA, king of Moab. (3:4-10)


JEHOSHAPHAT of Judah, requests to consult with a prophet of Jehovah.  (3:11; 2Ch. 17:1-19; 19:4-11, 20:1--21:3)


Elisha consulted. (3:12-15) 


Elisha prophecies as minstrel plays. (3:15-19)


Water floods from Edom. (3:20)


Moabites think it is blood. (3:21-23)


Israelites destroy the Moabites (3:24-25)


King of Moab sacrifices his son on the wall and the siege ends. (3:26-27)

4: Miracles

Elisha: Widow’s oil increased to pay her debts. (4:1-7)


Shunammite woman given a son for being hospitable. (4:8-17)


Shunammite’s son raised from the dead. (4:19-37)


Poisonous pottage of sons of the prophets purified. (4:38-41)


Barley loaves increased to feed a hundred men. (4:42-44)

5: Naaman

Naaman, captain of king of Syria healed of Leprosy. (5:1-19)


Gehazi’s greed causes him to become leprous. (5:20-27)

6: Syrians

Sons of the prophets build in Jordan. (6:1-4)


Elisha makes Axe head float. (6:5-7)


Syrians press Israel. (6:8)


Elisha reveals their plans to the king of Israel. (6:8-12)


Syrian king surrounds city to capture Elisha. (6:13-14)


Elisha reveals a heavenly army protecting the city. (6:16-17)


Syrians blinded.(18)  Elisha leads them to Samaria. (6:19-20)


King of Israel not permitted to harm Syrians. (6:21-22)


They are fed and sent away. Syrians come no more. (6:23


BEN-HADAD II of Syria Besieges Samaria. Famine. (6:24)


Dispute between women over not being able to eat other’s child. (6:28)


King of Judah sends to kill Elisha. (6:31-33)

7: Flight

Elisha prophesies lifting of the siege. (7:1-2)


Four lepers find Syrian camp empty. (Syrians had fled in the night at the sound like chariots.) (7:3-10)


King of Judah skeptical but finds it is true. (7:10-15)


Unbelieving captain trampled to death. (7:17-20)

8: Kings

Elisha prophesies of seven years famine. (8:1-2)


Shunammite woman’s land restored after the famine. (8:3-6)


BEN-HADAD II (S) sick.  Sends to consult Elisha. (8:7-8)


Elisha tells Hazael he will replace the king and do evil.  (8:9-13) 


HAZEL of Syria, smothers BEN-HADAD II (S) with wet cloth and begins to reign. (8:14 -15)


JEHORAM (Joram –see 1Chr. 3:9) of Judah (8y), son of Jehoshaphat, begins reign. (8:16; 2Ch. 21:4-20)


Did evil like Israel because he is married to Athaliah, daughter of AHAB (I), (8:16 -19)


Edom revolts against Judah. (8:20)


JEHORAM of Judah smites Edom but it continues. (8:21-23)


JEHORAM of Judah dies. (8:24)


AHAZIAH of Judah (s) reigned (1 year)  (8:25—29; 2Ch. 22:1-6)

Mother was Athaliah, daughter of OMRI (I) (8:26-27).


Judah & Israel war against Syria.  JORAM of Israel wounded. (8:28)


Ahaziah goes to Jezreel to visit JORAM of Israel (8:29)

9: Jehu  (I)

JEHU of Israel anointed king as directed by Elisha. (9:1-13)


He kills JORAM of Israel and AHAZIAH of Judah (9:14-29; 2Ch. 22:7-9)


He kills Jezebel, the queen mother of Israel (9:30-37)

10: Zeal

70 heads of AHAB’S family slain. (10:1-10)


42 brethren of AHAZIAH of Judah slain. (10:11-17)            


Zeal of JEHU (15-17). Baalites destroyed.  (10:18-28)


       JEHU keeps golden calves at Dan and Bethel and causes Israel to sin. (10:29-31)


HAZAEL of Syria cuts off portions of Israel. (10:32)


JEHOAHAZ of Israel-s becomes king after JEHU (I) died. (10:34-35)

11: Athaliah (J)

ATHALIAH of Judah, mother of AHAZIAH (J) (6y), daughter of Omri. (11:1; 2Ch. 22:10—23:21)


She tries to kill all the royal seed.(11:1)


Jehosheba, AHAZIAH’S sister saves JOASH. (11:2-3)


Jehoida, the priest, overthrows Athaliah and kills her. (11:4-16)


Covenant of Jehoiada (17). Baal removed. (11:18)

12: Joash (J)

JEHOASH (Joash see 12:19-20; 13:1) of Judah (40y) (12:1-3)


Temple to be repaired (12:4-5). Problems (6-8). Offering chest. (9) Repairs accomplished (12:10-16; 2Ch. 24:5-16)


HAZAEL of Syria attacks. Bought off BY JEHOASH (J). (12:17-18)


JOASH (JEHOASH) of Judah, Slain by his servants. (12:20)


AMAZIAH of Judah (s) (29 y) put on the throne.   (12:21)

13: Syria

JEHOAHAZ of Israel, son of Jehu, reigns 17 years, did evil. (13:1-2)


Delivered into the hands of HAZAEL and BEN-HADAD III of Syria (13:3)


JEHOAHAZ (I) Repents and is freed from Syria.(13:4-5) 


Return to sin 6.  Death. (13:8-9)


JOASH (Jehoash –see 13:9-10) of Israel (16y), son of Jehoahaz. (13:10-12).


Joash of Israel does evil.  Dies  (13:13)


Elisha becomes ill. He promises Joash of Israel victory over Syria 3 times.(14-19) (Arrows and three smites on the ground.)


Elisha Dies. (20) Dead man thrown into his is grave raised. (13:21)


HAZAEL of Syria, oppresses Israel (13:22-24)


BEN-HADAD III of Syria-s defeated 3 times by JEHOASH (I). (13:24-25)

14: Amaziah (J)

AMAZIAH of Judah, (29y) son of JOASH (J), did right. (14:1-7; 2Ch. 25:1-28)


Picks quarrel with JEHOASH (I). (14:8-10)


Defeated by JEHOASH of Israel and captured. (14:11-14)


Concluding notes on Jehoash of Israel. (14:15-16)


Concluding notes on Amaziah of Judah (14:17-22)


UZZIAH (AZARIAH) of Judah (52y), son of Amaziah (J). Built Elath. (14:22)


JEROBOAM II of Israel (41y) after JOASH (JEHOASH) (I) dies (14:23-29 cf. 13:13).


Restored border prophesied by Jonah. (14:25)


ZECHARIAH of Israel (6 mo.) -son of Jeroboam II (14:29)

15: Kings

UZZIAH (Azariah) of Judah (52y) Became a leper. (15:1-7; 2Ch. 26:1-23)


JOTHAM of Judah (16y) after his father, UZZIAH (J), died. (15:7, 32


SHALLUM of Israel (1 mo.) killed ZECHARIAH (I) (15:10)


MENAHEM of Israel (10y) killed Shallum (I). (15:14 )


Smote Tiphsah.  Levy to buy off Assyria (15:19-22)


PEKAHIAH of Israel (2y) Killed by Pekah, captain. (15:23-26)


PEKAH of Israel (20y) (15:27-31)


People deported by TIGLATH-PILESER of Assyria (15:29)


HOSHEA of Israel (9y) kills PEKAH (I) (15:30)


JOTHAM of Judah (16y) did right but did not remove high places (15:32-38; 2Ch. 27:1-9)


REZIN of Syria, and PEKAH of Israel sent against Judah. (15:37

16: Ahaz (J)

AHAZ of Judah (16y) did not do right.  Followed false religion. (16:1-4; 2Ch. 28:1-27)


Pressed by REZIN of Syria and PEKAH of Israel (16:5-6) 


Called TIGLATH-PILESER of Assyria against REZIN (S) & PEKAH (I). (16:7)


Treasures of the temple paid to Assyrians. (16:8)


Damascus taken and REZIN of Syria slain. (16:9)


Altar built like one in Syria (16:10-16)


Laver removed from oxen and other changes in the temple. (16:17-18)


AHAZ of Judah dies and HEZEKIAH, his son, reigns (29y)  (16:19-21)




17: Deportations

HOSHEA last king of Israel (9y) reigns (17:1-2) Did evil.


SHALMANESER of Assyria takes Israel (17:3)


HOSHEA of Israel rebels (17:4)


Subjection and Deportations by SHALMANESER (A). (17:5-6)


Explanation of why they were carried away. (17:7-41)

18: Hezekiah (J)

HEZEKIAH of Judah reigns (29y).  Did right. Cleansed the land. (18:1-8; 2Ch. 29:1—32:8; Isa. 36:1)


SENNACHERIB of Assyria subdues Samaria & Syria (18:9-12)


Invades Judah, requires tribute. (18:13-16)


Rabshakeh’s boast of Assyrian might. (18:19-37; 2Ch. 32:9-19; Isa. 36:2-22)

19: Sennacherib (A)

Isaiah prophecies against Assyrians. (19:1-7; Isa. 37:1-13)


Rumor of king of Ethiopia coming. (19:8-9)


Rabshakeh’s second threat. (19:9-13)


HEZEKIAH of Judah’s prayer in the house of Jehovah. (19:14-19; 2Ch. 32:20-22; Isa. 37:14-38)


Isaiah’s second prophecy. (19:20-34)


185,000 dead Syrians in morning. (19:35; Isa 37:36-38)


SENNACHERIB returns to Nineveh. (19:36; 2Ch. 32:21)


Killed by sons in house of Nisroch his God. (19:37; 2Ch. 32:21)


ESAR-HADDON of Assyria, son of Sennacherib, reigns. (19:37)

20: Sickness

HEZEKIAH's illness.  15 years added to his life.  Sun dial sign. (20:1-11; 2Ch. 32:24-20; Isaiah 38:1-22)


HEZEKIAH shows Babylonians wealth. Isaiah’s warning. (20:12-19; 2Ch. 32:25-26, 31; Isa. 39:1-8)


HEZEKIAH makes pool and conduit. (20:20)


MANASSEH of Judah (55y) reigns after father HEZEKIAH (J) dies.  (20:21; 2Ch. 33:1-20; Jer. 15:4)

21: Manasseh (J)

       Most wicked and idolatrous. (21:1-9)


Warning of evil that would make ears tingle (21:10-15)


Manasseh (J) dies (21:16-18)


AMON of Judah (2y) reigns after his father, MANASSEH (J) dies. (21:18-19; 2Ch. 33:21-25)


       Killed by servants in his own house (21:23-26).

22: Josiah (J)

JOSIAH of Judah (31y) Best king.  (22:1-2; 2Ch. 34:1-7)


House of God repaired. (3-7; 2Ch. 34:8-13)


Book of the Law found. (22:8-13; 2Ch. 34:14-28)


Prophecy of Huldah the Prophetess. (22:14-20)




23: Egypt

JOSIAH’S reforms (23:1-25; 2Ch. 34:29-33)


JOSIAH of Judah killed by PHARAOH-NECOH of Egypt (23:26-30; 2Ch. 35:20-36:1)


JEHOAHAZ of Judah (3 mo.) (s) replaces JOSIAH (J) (23:30-32; 2Ch. 36:2-4 )


Removed by PHARAOH-NECOH of Egypt and died in Egypt. (23:33-34)


JEHOIAKIM (Eliakim) of Judah (11y) set up by Pharaoh. (23:34; 2Ch. 36:5-8)


24: Babylon


IV.  BABYLONIAN CONQUEST AND DEPORTATIONS OF JUDAH (chap. 24—25; 2Ch. 36:17-23; Jer. 52:4-34; & chap. 39--44)


NEBUCHADNEZZAR of Babylon subjects Judah. (24:1)


JEHOIAKIM of Judah rebels after 3 years (1). Death.(24:6-7)


JEHOIACHIN of Judah (3 mo.) replaces father, JEHOIAKIM (J). (24:6; 2Chro. 36:9-10)


2nd subjection by Babylon (10). Temple plundered.  (24:13)


       JEHOIACHIN and others taken to Babylon. (24:14-16; cf. Jer. 52:28-30)


ZEDEKIAH (Matteniah) of Judah (11y), father’s brother of JEHOIACHIN (J) placed on the throne. Rebells. (24:17-20; 2Ch. 36:11-14; Jer. 52:1-3; chap. 32--34, 37--38)

25: Gedaliah

3rd. Subjection. ZEDEKIAH Blinded. Carried to Babylon.  (25:1-12; cf. Jer. 52:4-27)


Temple plundered again and destroyed. (25:13-17)


Leaders of Judah slain (25:18-21)


GEDALIAH made governor by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. (25:22-24)


Killed by the people. (25:25) who flee to Egypt. (25:26)


EVIL-MERODACH of Babylon brings JEHOIACHIN (J) from prison. (25:27-30; Jer. 52:31 -34)