A. Ralph Johnson

“Weeping Prophet.”  

He wrote in to Jews in Canaan

Contemporary with Daniel and Ezekiel

THEME: Conquest of Judah by Babylon, 627-587 BC





52ch(5) Babylon map; Mediterranean map (brief)

1. Call





In thirteenth year the reign of Josiah, son of Amon, King of Judah, and in the days of Jehoiakim, son of Josiah, king of Judah, unto the 11th year of Zedekiah, son of Josiah



Jeremiah, son of Hilkiah, of Priestly heritage



From Anathoth, priestly city two miles north of Jerusalem in the land of Benjamin




I.    JEREMIAH’S CALL (1:4—19)



A.    Appointed a prophet to the nations (1:4-10)



Be not afraid; for I am with you... I have put my words in your pluck up and break down to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.”




B.    Sign: Almond Rod  (Heb. “shaked”) (1:11-12)



Jehovah watches (Heb. “shoked”) over His word



(“Almond” in Hebrew sounds like the Hebrew word for “watching”.)




C.    Sign: Boiling pot.  –Babylon coming from the North to scald Judah. (1:13-19)



Jeremiah to arise and warn. Do not fear, Jehovah will strengthen you. (17)

They will not prevail because I am with you. (19)




II.     EARLY MINISTRY (chap. 2—25) 



(Mostly, oracles to 605 BC)

2: Apostasy


A. Apostasy and Punishment (2:1—6:30)



Remember your good beginning. (2:1-3)



Why did you leave? (2:4-8)



Have other nations changed their gods? (2:9-11)



Two evils. (Broken cisterns of idolatry.) 2:12-13



Why you are in this mess (2:14-37)



Playing the harlot (1-5)




  B. In the reign of Josaiah, king of Judah. (3:6)



Call to Return. (6-25)



-Judah worse than Israel (3:6-11)



-Return and be Healed (3:12-25)

4: Warning


Break up the fallow ground. Circumcise your hearts.(1-4)



Sound the alarm! (5-10)



Hot destroying wind. (11-18)



Jeremiah’s anguished cry (19-26)



Jehovah’s Judgment. (27-31)

5: Corrupted


Not one righteous man (1-2).



Appeal to Jehovah because of their hard faces (3-6)



Jehovah’s response (7-31)



A nation will come from afar (5:15)



“Wonderful and horrible thing...” (30-31)

6: Flee!


Flee for safety (1-8)



       The thoroughly gleaned vine (9)



        “Peace, Peace” but there is no peace (14)



        Return to old paths (16-21)



 Destruction coming from the North. (22-26)



 Jeremiah set as a watchtower to warn them (27-30)




C.  Message in the temple gate

7: Temple


False trust in the temple.



(Fast-day message to king Jehoiakim)

8: Bones


Their bones shall be for dung upon the earth.(1-3)



God offers forgiveness but they perpetually backslide (4-7)



They could not blush (8-12)



To be utterly consumed.(13-17)



No hope left--the time for harvest is past.(18-22)

9: Weeping


Lamentation for their uncircumcised hearts. (1-6)



Thus saith the Lord—His judgment for their sins (7-24)



The coming days when the circumcised and uncircumcised will be punished together (25-26)

10: Customs


Making idols. (1-16)



God will sling them out of the land (17-18)



Woe is me! (19-22)

Plea for mercy. (23-25)


11: Covenant


 “Hear ye the words of the Covenant”(1-8)



Conspiracy by the men of Judah and Jerusalem. (9-20)



Conspiracy by the men of Anathoth (21-23)


12: Complaint


  Why do the wicked prosper? (1-13).



Jehovah: Judgment and restoration will come (14-17).


13: Girdle


  Judah’s pride to be marred as a ruined girdle. (1-11).




  They will be like Bottles filled with wine and broken. (12-27)


14: Drought


   Concerning the drought (1-6)



Dialogue between Jeremiah and God about their sin and His judgment (7-22)

15: Moses


Moses and Samuel could not prevent their judgment. (1-9)



Jeremiah: Woe is me...a man of contention (10-18)



Jehovah: Stand firm and I will deliver you (19-21)


16: No wife


  Sign: Jeremiah not to take a wife. The coming death. (16:1-4)



Not to mourn the dead (5-9)



Explanation for the coming death (10-13)



Coming Captivity: Fishers and hunters coming (14-18)



Appeal of Jeremiah (19-20)



Response of Jehovah (21)

17: Iron pen


Judgment on Judah’s for sin engraved on their hearts (1-4)



Cursed are those who trust in men (5-6)



Blessed is the man who trusts Jehovah (7-12)



Prayer for deliverance (13-18)




        Sabbath. Warning in the gates. (19-27).


18: Clay


Sign: Clay in the potter’s hand. (1-17).



Jeremiah attacked (18)



Jeremiah’s prayer (19-23).


19: Bottle


Sign: Potter’s earthen bottle to be broken in Hinnon. (chap. 19)



-They will eat their children (19:6; cf. Deut 28:53)



-They will bury in Topheth (11)



Message in temple court (14-15).


20: Prison


   D.  Jeremiah Imprisoned by Pashur, son of the priest (1-6)



Jeremiah’s Prayer: “A fire within “ (7-18)




   E.  When King Zedekiah sent Pashur to inquire of Jeremiah

21: Zedekiah


Pashur sent to inquire of Jeremiah (21:1-2)



Answer: “surrender or die”. (3-14).


22: Jehoiakim


King Jehoiakim condemned for building a lavish house. (chap. 22)



His father, Shallum (Jehoahaz) to die in Egypt (22:11)



Jehoiakim to be buried like an ass. (22:19)



His throne to fall. (22:20-23)



His seed no more to prosper. (22:24-31)


23: False-prophets


Woe unto the unfaithful shepherds.(23:1-4)



The righteous branch. (23:5-8) MESSIAH



False Prophets: A horrible thing (23:9-40)




   F.  After King Jeconiah (Zedekiah) was carried to Babylon (chap. 24)

24: Figs


Two baskets of figs.



-First: Choicest return. (2-7)



-Second: Bad, never return. (8-10)




   G.  Fourth year of King Jehoiakim, Son of Josiah (1)

25: 70 years


Jews to be in Babylon 70 years (2-11)



After 70 years all nations to drink the same cup (12-33).



Howl, ye shepherds! (34-30)







(By Baruch, Jeremiah’s scribe: mostly, biographical)



  1. In the beginning of the reign of King Jehoiakim (1)

26: Trial


Jeremiah speaks in temple against Jerusalem (2-6).



Jeremiah put on trial for speaking. (7-19)



Micah’s prophecy cited in defense (17-19, cf. Mic. 3:12)



Urijah the prophet slain by king Jehoiakim (20-23).

Jeremiah saved by Ahikim (24)




  1. In the year of the beginning reign of Jehoiakim (probably Zedekiah)

27: Yokes


Sign: Wooden cattle yokes sent to kings indicating they would serve Babylon. (chap. 27)


28: Hananiah


Hananiah Breaks Jeremiah’s yoke.(1-11)




Sign: Iron Yokes--Message to Hananiah and his death for false-prophecy. (12-17)


29: Letter


Jeremiah’s letter to the captives in Babylon  (1-3)



     Settle down for 70 years. (4-20)



     Warning to false prophets --Ahab & Zedekiah (21-23)



     Warning against Shemaiah’s letters. (24-32)





(chapters 30-31, and possibly 32-33)

30: Restoration


Command to write the revelations in a book (1-2)

Israel and Judah to be restored -MESSIAH (3-24)

31: Covenant


After captivity Jehovah will restore them. (1-26)



Rachael weeping (15; cf. Mat. 2:16) MESSIAH



The coming new covenant written on their hearts. (27-34)

 (31-34; cf. Heb. 8:8-12) MESSIAH

Firmness of his promise to restore them (35-40)




  1. Tenth year of King Zedekiah, 18th year of Nebucadrezzar

when Babylon’s army was besieging Jerusalem and Jeremiah was in prison for prophecies against Jerusalem (1-5)

32: Prison  #1


Sign: Land purchased to indicate they would return. (6-15)



Jeremiah’s prayer (16-25)




1.       First Prison message under King Zedekiah.



Nothing is too hard for God (26-36)



Jehovah will bring them back again (37-44)


33: Prison #2


2.       Second Prison Message



Return promised (33:1-18)

The Branch of righteousness (14-15) MESSIAH



Covenant unbreakable as day and night (19-22)




Promise not to cast them off as firm as day and night (23-26)








  1. To King Zedekiah When Babylon was coming against him. (chap. 34)

34. Bondage


Zedekiah to be taken to Babylon (34: 1-5)   






Zedekiah declared freedom to servants (6-10)

The wealthy comply but then renege (11)

Condemnation for breaking agreement to keep the 7th year of release and free the slaves. (12-22)




  1. In the days of King Jehoiakim the son of Josiah (chap. 35)

35: Rechabites


Sign: Jeremiah told to bring the Rechabites to the temple and offer them wine, which they refused. (1-11)



Jeremiah to tell men of Judah and Jerusalem that unlike Israel, the Rechabites for 200 years obeyed their father, Jonadab, to not drink wine (12-17)



Promise to Rechabites that because they were faithful they would continue forever (18-19)




  1. 4th Year of King Jehoiakim, son of Josiah

36: Jehoiakim


Jeremiah told to write his revelations in a book (1-3)



Jeremiah has his scribe, Baruch, write them and read them in the temple (4-10)



Michaiah reports it to the princes and scribes and they call for Baruch who comes and reads it (11-19)

Jehoiakim burns Jeremiah’s book (20-26)




Book replaced at God’s command with additions declaring Jehoiakim’s doom. (27-32)




  1. Zedekiah the son of Josiah replaced Coniah (Jehoiachin) but they did not listen to God (1-2)



They call Jeremiah to pray for them (3-4)

37. Prison


Siege of Chaldeans withdrawn from Jerusalem. (5)



Warning that the Chaldeans will be back. (6-10)



Jeremiah imprisoned. (11-15)



Sent for by Zedekiah and moved to court of guard. (16-21)

38: Pit


Jeremiah cast into a pit. (1-6)



Jeremiah rescued by Ebed-melech the Ethiopian. (7-13)



Jeremiah assures King Zedekiah if he surrenders he will be spared and the King spares Jeremiah. (14-28)




  1. Ninth year of King Zedekiah Jerusalem falls (1-3)

39: Fall


Zedekiah captured, blinded and taken to Babylon. (4-10)



Nebuchadnezzar entrusts Jeremiah to captain of the guard (11-14)



Ebed-melech, the Ethiopian, saved (39:15-18)




  1. Gedaliah, Governor (chap. 40—41)

40: Gedaliah


Jeremiah freed and goes to Gedaliah at Mizpah. (1-6)



The remaining people gather at Mizpah. (7-12)



Gedaliah warned of Amonite king’s plan to have him assassinated. He disbelieves. (13-16)

41: Ishmael


Gedaliah Slain by Ishmael (1-3)



Ishmael kills 70 pilgrims and carries away others. (4-10)



Johanan rescues the captives and goes to Chimham. (11-16)



They fear Chaldean blame for Gedaliah’s death. (17-18)

42: Warning


Jeremiah consulted about going to Egypt. (42:1-6)




Warning not to go to Egypt (42:7-22)




  1. Flight To Egypt (chap. 43—45)

43: Egypt


Flight To Egypt (43:1-7)



(Jeremiah and Baruch taken with them)



Stones hidden in mortar of Pharaoh’s house (8-13)



(Babylonians will reach them in Egypt.)


44: Warning


Warning against idolatry in Egypt. (44:1-14)



The warning rejected (44:15-19)

Jeremiah warns them further (44:20-24)



Jeremiah declares the subjection of Pharaoh to the Babylonians. (25-30)


45: Baruch


Baruch’s complaint. Promised life to be spared.






46: Egypt


Egyptian Defeat at Carchemish Warned (1-12)




Egypt to Be Invaded By Nebuchadnezzar (13-28).


47: Philistines


Philistines to be destroyed by Egypt.


48: Moab


Moab To be destroyed by Babylon



Restoration promised. (47)


49: Ammon


Amon to become a heap. Restoration follows. (1-6)




Edom to be picked off clean like grapes. (7-22)




Damascus (Syria) Palaces To be desolated (23-27)




Kedar’s Camels and possessions plundered (28 -33)




Elam to endure Four destructive winds.



Later restoration (49:34-39)


50: Babylon


Babylon to be desolated for hunting Jehovah’s sheep.


51: Babylon


Babylon to be punished by Medes. (51:1-58)




Sign: Book thrown into Euphrates by Seraiah. (51:59-64)

(Thus shall Babylon sink.)





      (Probably by Baruch) (chapter 52; cf. II Kings 24 & 25)

52: Captivity


Zedekiah rebelled against Babylon. (3)



Zedekiah’s sons killed, his eyes put out and he is carried to Babylon. (9-10)



Jerusalem burned and people deported. (52:12-16)



Temple sacked. (52:17-23)



Leaders who were taken to Babylon and executed (24-27)



Number carried away (52:28-30)



Evil-merodach removes Jehoiachin from prison. (52:31-34)