A. Ralph Johnson

Theme: Doom of Edom (descendents of Esau, brother of Jacob.)

They lived in Petra, a city carved in the rock south of the Dead Sea.

About 585 BC following the fall of Jerusalem?† (Ezek 25:12; 35:1-5)

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1ch(5) Map Treasury† †

1: Doom

1.†† Jehovah will bring down the pride of Edom (1-4)


2.†† Edomís allies and wise men have deceived them (5-9)


3.†† Judgment because of sharing in the violence to brother, Jacob (10-14)

(cf. Joel 3:19; Amos 1:11-12)

4.†† They will share in the day of Jehovahís wrath on the nations (15-16)


5.†† Coming Triumph of the Children of Israel escaped from Zion (17-21) [MESSIANIC]