A. Ralph Johnson


Theme: Jonah sent to call for repentance of Nineveh, capitol of Assyria.

Probably around 800-780 B.C. during the reign of Joash (see 2Kings 14:25-27)

Jonah was from Israel, Son of Amittai.




4ch(0) Map

1: Flight

Jonah sent to warn Nineveh (1-2)

Jonah flees by ship toward Tarshish in Spain (3)

The storm (4)

Jonah discovered (5-10)

Jonah cast into the sea (11-16)

Swallowed by a great fish prepared by God for three days (17)

2: Prayer

Jonah’s prayer (2:1-9)

Jonah spit out (2:10)

3: Repent

Jonah again sent to warn Nineveh (3:1-4)

Nineveh repents in sack cloth (3:5-10)

4: Anger

Jonah’s anger that Nineveh is spared—he sulks outside the city (1-5)

The lesson of the gourd and the worm—God does not want any to perish  (6-11)