A. Ralph Johnson


Theme: Zerubbabel the governor and Joshua the High priest to speed rebuilding the temple.†

Addressed to Judah, about 520 B.C.





1: Build

I.     2nd year, 6th month, 1st day reign of Darius† (Sept 1, 520 B.C.)

Command for Zerubbabel (governor) & Joshua (high priest) to rebuild the temple (1-6)

Godís house should not lay waste while they build their own houses (7-11)

Zerubbabel and Joshua begin the work (12-15)


2: Shake

II.      7th month, 21st day†† (Oct 21, 520 B.C.)

Zerubbabel and Joshua urged to be strong and fear not (1-5)

Shaking the earth before the coming greater temple (2:6-9; cf. 2:21; Heb 12:26-28) (MESSIANIC)


III.    24th day of 9th month, 2nd year of Darius (Dec. 24, 520 A.D.)

Warning against thinking evil can be justified by empty religious acts (10-19)


IV.   24th day of 9th month, 2nd year of Darius (2nd revelation that day) (20-23)

Speak to Zerubbabel.† Jehovah will shake the heavens and the earth.