MOSES wrote the five books of Law--Genesis, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, except for a few explanatory notes added later (cf. Deut 34:10).  c. 1400 BC


Joshua: probably written by Joshua.  


Judges: probably written by Samuel 


Ruth: probably written by Samuel


1 Samuel: Chapters 1-24, probably by Samuel.  The rest is unclear.


2 Samuel:  Author unclear 


1 & 2 Kings: Author unknown


1 & 2 Chronicles: Probably Ezra


Ezra wrote Ezra


Nehemiah:  Written by Nehemiah


Esther:  Unknown.  Various suggestions have been given, including Mordecai.


Job: Written by Job  c.1500 BC (?)


Psalms: Mostly by David.  Asaph wrote 12 psalms.  The sons of Korah wrote 11. Ethan wrote 1 along with Heman.  Solomon’s name appears before Ps. 72 and 127.  c. 1000 BC


Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon: mostly written by Solomon.  Proverbs chapter 30 is ascribed to Agar.  Chapter 31 is ascribed to Lemuel. 


Isaiah: by Isaiah c. 721 BC


Jeremiah and Lamentations: by Jeremiah c. 600 BC


Ezekiel: by Ezekiel, carried to Babylon 597 BC


Daniel: by Daniel, c. 600-530 BC


Hosea: by Hosea, c. 750 BC


Joel: by Joel, c. 800 BC


Amos: by Amos, c. 760 BC


Obadiah: Obadiah, c 585 BC


Jonah: by Jonah, c. 800 BC


Micah: by Micah c. 721 BC


Nahum: by Nahum  c. 720 BC


Habakkuk: by Habakkuk c. 610 BC


Zephaniah by Zephaniah c. 630 BC


Haggai: by Haggai  c. 520 BC


Zachariah: by Zachariah  c. 520 BC


Malachi: by Malachi c. 420 BC